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Announced July 1, 2017:
We’re Hiring a new Executive Director

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The New Hampshire Council of Churches –

with faith-filled witness and action, mutual respect, and understanding – unites for Prayer, Learning, Justice, Peace, and Stewardship of God’s Creation.

June 17, 2016 – New Hampshire Council of Churches Released STEWARDSHIP FOR CREATION Policy Statement, our eighth.
The New Hampshire Council of Churches, an ecumenical Christian body of ten diverse denominations, including Protestant, Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Christian traditions, believes that Earth, and with it all manner of animate and inanimate life, including the vast cosmos, are manifestations of divine wisdom and power (Genesis 1-2).Scripture portrays a God who created each part of the natural world and all manner of life, plant and animal, calling each “good” in its own right. The psalmist often celebrates creation’s vastness and grandeur that is filled with the glory of God. Psalm 104, speaks poetically of each part of creation being crafted and made for its own purpose, all arranged so that each had “their food in due season.” Into this good creation, humans were given a unique role as stewards and caretakers. Formed in God’s image, and also called “good”, humans were placed within creation with special responsibilities to tend this divine trust.Scripture and the breadth of Christian tradition invite humans to delight in creation even as we are called to love creation as God loves it. God’s covenant with Noah extended beyond the human community and the arc of the rainbow served as sign and seal of God’s abiding love and faithfulness toward all creation. Through the incarnation a new covenant was established as God entered the world in humility and love, in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. These covenants are reminders of God’s deep concern for Earth and the human community and enduring desire for fullness of life for all creation.As good stewards we are called to take actions on behalf of creation that we might honor God, preserve Earth and its rich variety and bio-diversity, and find delight in this place we call “home.”Therefore, we, the New Hampshire Council of Churches, acting in faith, seek to be thoughtful stewards, enjoying God’s creation, using it wisely for our sustenance and delight and that of future generations. Further we invite all people of faith and good will to join in this holy work.


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