Public Policy

MLK w flag & eagleThe New Hampshire Council of Churches currently has public policy statements regarding eight issues:

1.  Death Penalty:  Because each human being is created in the image of God and therefore enjoys the gift and possibility of redemption, the use of capital punishment “is unacceptable”; its use and expansion should be condemned.  Full copy available here: NHCC Anti-Death Penalty Statement 2010

2. Expanded Gambling:  Calls for rejecting the establishment of casinos and legalized video lottery (slot) machines, which have been shown to be particularly addictive and thereby diminishing the worth and dignity of human beings and their communities.  Expanded gambling is a seriously inappropriate solution to our state’s financial problems.  Full copy available here:  NHCC Anti-Expanded Gambling Statement 2010

Members and friends of the NHCC gather at a protest about wages.

3. Immigration: Scripturally ground a faith-based call to welcome and stand with “the stranger” regarding our legal actions, policies and personal support.  Full copy available here:  NHCC Immigration Statement 2010

4. State Budget:  Calls on residents and legislators to pay attention to issues of morality when planning the state budget, especially the welfare of those who are mentally, physically or developmentally disabled, the elderly, children or unemployed, as well as care for the environment.  Full copy available here:  NHCC Budgeting Statement 2010

5. Prison Privatization: Read the NHCC statement: Joint Statement Prison 10845586_858589270851483_7243658290179078776_oPrivatization

6. Joint Statement on Gun Violence: Read the statement: Joint Statement on Gun Violence January 2013

7. National Council of Churches deplores Syrian chemical attack, and urges President Obama to use restraint in military response Washington, August 30, 2013. Syria statement 9.11

8. Stewardship of Creation Policy Statement: As good stewards we are called to take actions on behalf of creation that we might honor God, preserve Earth and its rich variety and bio-diversity, and find delight in this place we call “home.” On June 16, 2016, the Council released our Stewardship of Creation Policy that reinforces our desire for action.