Executive Director: Rev. Jason Wells jason@nhchurches.org

Rev. Jason WellsRev. Jason would be excited to meet you and come for a worship service or event to represent the Council of Churches. Please ask if you would like him to:

  • preach lead Bible Study
  • make a presentation on inter-denominational relationships
  • make a presentation on an issue from a faith perspective
  • teach a Lenten Confirmation or other class
  • be part of a speaker series or panel discussion
  • attend clergy gatherings or retreats
  • attend your denominational governing body, convention, conference, etc
  • visit your camp or conference center

Ecumenical Chaplain NH Women’s Prison Ministry: Rev. Beth Richeson PastorBeth@nhchurches.org

Director of Outreach & Communications: Kris Schultz kris@nhchurches.org

Board of Directors


President:  Rev. Daniel W. Ferry (Episcopal)
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer:  Jim Mikesell (ELCA)
Secretary: Marian Baker (Society Friends), pro tem.


  1. Marian Baker (Society of Friends)
  2. Dulany Bennett (Society of Friends)
  3. Rev. Dr. Lou George (American Baptist)
  4. Rev. Jonathan Hopkins (ELCA)
  5. Rev. Cindy Kohlmann (Presbyterian Church USCA)
  6. Rev. Michael Lowry, (United Church of Christ)
  7. Knute Ogren (Camp Calumet)
  8. Rev. Richard Slater, (United Church of Christ)
  9. Rev. Patricia Wells (United Methodist)
  10. Rev. Becca Girrell (United Methodist)
  11. Rev. Allison Palm (Unitarian Universalist)
  12. Rev. Emily Burr (Unitarian Universalist)

Denominations currently without representation:

  1. Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston
  2. New Hampshire/Vermont District Unitarian-Universalist Societies