Sunday Share: One family, many churches

Yesterday, Lydia and I went to the 8:00am worship service at Grace Episcopal Church in Manchester. They are just starting their annual pledge drive and they asked parishioner Dr. Ernie Marino to talk about the theme of gratitude. During his testimony, he expressed thankfulness for the weekly parish Bible study that he said, “helps me to know Christ and challenges me to make Christ known.”

Afterward, we headed over to St. Joseph Cathedral (Roman Catholic) for Lydia’s First Communion Class. She went to be with the other second-graders who are all preparing to receive Jesus sacramentally this spring. While Lydia did that, I participated the adult religious education class where we thought about the people and moments in our lives that have helped us know God more fully.

Both churches are also leading programs to support the suffering people of Puerto Rico. Although they are separated by walls, institutions and Pine Street, as Jesus’ disciples, their mission is certainly One.

Lots of families are in the same place as ours: dividing time between more than one church or denomination. When I served congregations I had families who sometimes alternated Sundays in different worship services. Others would visit more than one church each Sunday.

How are you managing with more than one church community? What are the challenges it brings? What have been the unexpected blessings?