A Covid-19 Update

Dear Church,

Like many of you we have been watching in hope as Covid-19 numbers continue to decline in NH, and our healthcare systems begin to stabilize after a long period of crisis standards of care. We are so grateful it appears this surge is receding, and we can begin to reconnect with one another in person. Thanks be to God!

As we have done throughout the pandemic, NHCC continues to emphasize care of the vulnerable as a guiding Biblical principle in Covid-19 precautions. Jesus says: whatever you do to the least of these, you did for me. To that end, we are offering a few suggested guidelines.

1. We recommend continuing to mask for in person worship for the foreseeable future (particularly if singing) until both our youngest ones can be vaccinated, and community transmission declines.

2. Maintaining good ventilation in your worship spaces, and using outdoor space as weather begins to warm.

3. Continue to offer a hybrid option for the foreseeable future to allow maximum accessibility.

A reminder that while numbers are falling, NH remains at “substantial” community transmission statewide per the NH DHHS Covid-19 database. These basic precautions will allow us to do our part in continuing to help community transmission decline. God willing, Easter may finally be the joyful reunion so many of us have hoped for in these last two years. We encourage you to remain proactive, adaptable, and focused on community care.

Last week, our partners at Wisconsin Council of Churches also released their updated guidance in Returning to Church 4.0. We continue to emphasize WICC’s work as the publiic health gold standard for faith communities. This document is detailed, practical, and quite helpful. We encourage you and your leadership teams to spend time with it as you move forward.

As always, please refer first to your denominational guidelines. We join our hope with yours for a Lent and Easter of new possibilities this year. To paraphrase our Wisconsin siblings: may we join together as we seek new life in Christ in this chapter, new energy in our common life together, and the common good of all.
Rev. Heidi