Apr. 11: Virtual Vigil for Death Penalty Repeal

Will you join us in prayer on Thursday, April 11, 2019 for the repeal of the death penalty in New Hampshire? Starting at 10:00am that day, the NH State Senate will take up House Bill 455 which would abolish capital punishment, a practice condemned by all of our member churches.

This “prayer vigil” will not be an in-person gathering, rather we ask that you pray wherever you find yourself that day.

You may wish to use this prayer, composed by Rev. Dan Ferry, longtime abolition advocate here in New Hampshire:

O God, God of our mothers and fathers, we gather in opposition to the death penalty.  We have met many times and have done many things together, representing many different faith communities, economic strata, and sometimes political positions.  We count our movement a blessing and a success as we have built a coalition from diversity to be united in this great and God-given cause.

We testify once more this morning to our belief that capital punishment is not just.  And, whatever the outcome now, we still give thanks for all who have worked so hard to bring repeal to our state and our country.

One day the death penalty will be repealed.  Our work will be part of that outcome.  We give thanks for the perseverance, devotion, and sacrifice that, we pray, will make this happen.  The Lord blesses all of our old and new friends, who have walked together…as we walk together, perhaps, once more to help bring peace with justice to our land. In the name of the One who calls us out and leads us.  Amen.

Following the vote on Thursday, the bill will then go to Governor Sununu’s desk for a potential veto. We will keep you informed about opportunities for in-person prayer vigils during that time.