Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund

The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund funds many excellent programs in New Hampshire. Projects do not have to be Catholic–any church can apply for funding! (Organizations must be at least “consistent with the mission of the Roman Catholic Church.) Do you have a recovery ministry, backpack program or other initiative that could use support? Read below:

The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is a not-for-profit organization within the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. The Fund enables the Bishop of Manchester, through a board of directors, to make grants to not-for-profit organizations without regard to religious affiliation for projects that help people in New Hampshire meet their basic needs. Volunteer lay men and women, who serve as Directors, make recommendations to the Bishop of Manchester for grants with an emphasis on meeting basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, heat and other necessities. The grants go to organizations in New Hampshire whose mission and operations are consistent with the mission of the Roman Catholic Church.

Click for details and application information. Requests are due December 13, 2017.