Marian Baker

Board member Marian Baker is in Africa!

Marian Baker is a NH Council of Churches board member and a registered Quaker minister. For the next six months, she’ll ministering in Africa! Please pray for her safe travels and for God to work through her heart, hands and mind.

Here’s an update for you all:

Greetings from sunny Nairobi and from many Friends in Kenya.

I arrived late last night , was met at the airport and had a good nights sleep at Moni and Roselyn Wekesa’s.- a warm welcome.
On the way from the States, one of the wheels on my smaller carryon luggage came off, so I got it taped onto the bag and carried the bag on my head down the long airport corridors to the plane! It is now getting fixed by a local Kenyan funds.

In Amsterdam, I found a former student of mine who now lives in Minnesota, so we spent the 4 hour waiting before our flight to Nairobi catching up. Time flew by.

This morning, I took a local bus and walked with Roselyn up the to local Safari com shop where I got my Kenyan cell phones up and working. We went by the edges of Kibera and all is now quiet there. (I never go out anywhere here at night when there might be likelihood of any violence) . The old Ngong Road Friends meeting we walked by is now several stories high and rented out commercially to several businesses, with the new church behind that holds 2000 people.

I will be going by Easycoach, a regular scheduled direct bus tomorrow morning up to Webuye through Eldoret. There I will meet Agneta and her son Abner who will escort me and my bags to their home. The next day, I will go to Elizabeth’s childhood home for the burial of Bilhah her sister who died suddenly in Springfield, MA this past month.

Thanks for your prayers. I will keep you informed as I travel.