End of year gratitude, and Advent blessings

Dear Church,

Advent Blessings to you!

As we draw into the final stretch of Advent, I pray peace, joy, hope, and love are finding their way into your lives as we prepare our hearts for Love to dwell among us. This will mark our final newsletter for 2022.  As I look back over the last year I am filled with gratitude for each of you.

Thank you for showing up as voices of faith in the public square, and praying for your neighbors. Thank you for helping us make a difference for our vulnerable and oppressed neighbors. Thank you for participating in the essential work of conversation across lines of difference, and engaging the sacred work of stretching outside of our comfort zones in God’s name. Thank you for ensuring that people of faith and moral conscience across NH are strongest when we speak with a unified voice. The work of unity that honors diversity is more critical to the Church and the world than it has ever been.

There is so much that competes for our attention at this time of year, but I hope you’ll take a moment to pause, and find joy. As the rose colored candle reminded us this past Sunday: a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. Oh Beloved, we are in such need of holy rejoicing. May it be so in our hearts this Advent. Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in 2023.


Rev. Heidi