Faithful Census 2020

It’s critical that all members of our churches be counted in the 2020 Census, which determines apportionment of political representation and government funding. The Census acknowledges the worthiness of all people in our community to be counted and have a voice, while contributing to the same goals of many of our ministries, such as feeding people through SNAP benefits and housing people through Section 8 housing, both of which are funded based on Census counts. Please take one small action to ensure all New Hampshire communities are fully counted.
Would you please include an encouragement to respond to the Census all church communications now and May 31? Here’s some text you can use:
Please respond to invitations to take the Census that you receive in the mail. As people of faith, we believe in the divinely-given dignity of every person. When we answer the Census and encourage our neighbors to do so too, we declare that we are part of “we the people” and refuse to be excluded from the critical funding and political representation all people deserve. Answering the Census ensures higher funding for people in need in our community, stronger political representation, and acknowledges the worthiness of all people to be counted. You can respond online at or 844-330-2020.
With in-person events canceled, digital communication to your congregations is more important than ever.
If you’d like more information, you can see look over this presentation for clergy.
For tracking purposes, please notify Chris Potter ( whether you’ll send out the announcement. Thank you.