Faithful Voting: A Resource Guide

Do you have a voting plan for November 8th?
Below is a link to access both your polling place, and sample ballot in your community.

Do you need more information about NH’s voter ID requirements? Click here.

Did you know there are statewide ballot questions this year?
The non-partisan resource below from the League of Women Voters details both of those questions and what a yes vote, or a no vote would accomplish.

Are you prepared to vote all the way down your ballot for candidates who share your values?  NH Votes has a wealth of resources.
NH Votes:

I voted absentee. Can I follow up/check on my ballot?

Understand your rights in NH.
Read here if you are formerly incarcerated:
Read here for more information on your rights for accommodation, and the disability community:
A general overview here:


Denominational Resources
UU the Vote:
UCC, Our Faith, Our Vote:
Episcopal Church Election Engagement:
ELCA Votes: