Marian Baker

From Board Member Marian Baker: Arrival back in USA- It is still early spring here!

Photo of me as I handed out certificates at the Uganda Yearly Meeting Pastors Conference along with Robert Wafula, Principal of Friends Theological College

Greetings to all from New Hampshire. Delta airlines messed up my ticket, forcing me to sit in Amsterdam an extra 7 hours, but allowing Rose to fly on the earlier flight. They were about to charge me US $500 to correct the ticket!

When I arrived at Boston, my baggage was missing. Eventually I found it was there, likely having been brought on the earlier flight that Rose was on. My wonderful neighbor, Janet was already in Concord when I called from Boston, but was graciously willing to wait for me there and we got home at 9:30PM.

Early this morning I took a walk down to our cottage, picking up many blow down branches which had fallen. The ice is almost completely off the lake yet there are still patches of snow here and there. Hepatica, crocuses, the earliest spring flowers have just started blooming, so it will be a while before the ground warms up and I can plant my vegetables. Usually by this time we are starting to plant our gardens, at least our peas that like cool weather, but with climate changing the usual seasons are less predictable.

Time to unpack my bags full of dirty clothes. (It rained much of the last two weeks in East Africa, so we were not able to wash and dry our clothes before coming. Thanks so much to all of you for your support and messages these last six months.

If any of you missed some of the 19 messages, let me know. I can send them as pdf files. I will also be preparing a set of photos that should have gone with the messages, but my camera broke in December and thus have not been able to get the photos coordinated with each message.

How grateful I am for the way God’s angels travelled with us, protecting us through some challenging means of transport. I am also very grateful for the warm hosting provided by all our many friends in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. I will spend the next few months hosting various relatives and friends at our quiet lakeside home (place of roots) in the hills of New Hampshire and travelling periodically sharing about our experiences and raising funds to return in late November to follow up on the plans made when we met with leaders of Uganda and Tanzania women during the Womens’ Conference last week in Nakuru.

With Thanksgiving,