Marian Baker

From board member Marian Baker: Greetings from Ebwambwa

Greetings from Ebwambwa. I was reminded it was Thanksgiving day on Thursday, so bought a pumpkin at the market and Elizabeth and feasted on it that evening. There is so much to be thankful for.

I was greeted with a nice new room/suite at Elizabeth’s. As I poured water into the toilet tank for the first time, two geckos wiggled out and up the wall! I took a day settling into the new place. Then went to visit Eileen Malova. We planned out many of our travels in ministry for this year. As I stopped by at a local supermarket enroute back to Ebwambwa, Agneta hugged me from behind me. She was enroute to home from College. The next day, I travelled up to Agneta’s and found four new puppies, as well as various relatives who welcomed me. I spent the afternoon hand sewing/mending, a relaxing thing to do on a hot afternoon.

On Monday I met with my support committee as seen in this photo taken by Shawn McConaughey after we feasted on a yummy chicken meal provided by Eileen, our hostess.

I received good advice from them. We decided the actual dates of the Quaker Religious Ed. Collaborative to be held at FTC in Kaimosi in January, 16-19 and we will charge a registration fee of 527/- (27/-= fee to transmit via mpesa (via cell phones).

We decided to postpone any visit to the southern tip of Tanzania until I had consulted the Tanzanian leadership further, as the meetings are quite small and not ready to form any womens groups yet. We will more likely travel there after Christmas.

I then went to FTC to meet with Robert Wafula and with Linet and Agneta to plan out the logistics of the QREC at FTC in January. Had a delightful visit with students and faculty there, as well as David Wolfe who is teaching there this term.

Yesterday, I travelled on with Linet Mmbone to the National Sunday School teachers, where we met with all the YM Sunday School Coordinators, giving them an opportunity to choose their most active, younger Sunday school teachers to come to our collaborative. Linet then stayed there for the rest of their conference and will help them in the selection of participants.

Today, we will be travelling to Uganda to celebrate the official wedding of Sylvia Wopicho, presiding clerk of USFW Uganda and her husband Apollo (former PC of Friends Church Uganda. (Due to government regulations, they had to change their name from Uganda YM to Friends Church Uganda). You can pray for our travels as we will visit other meetings on the Sunday before returning to Kenya.

Had a yummy breakfast of fresh mango (in season), plums, blueberry yogurt (we now have a variety of favors available besides strawberry). This was topped with roasted maize (corn) and Kenyan chai. With the sun shining and our bellies full, how can we not give thanks for the day?