Marian Baker

From board member Marian Baker: Greetings from Sunny Kakamega

Greetings from sunny Kakamega.

I was very grateful to receive my passport with its East Africa visa the day before I left USA. It was only due to many prayers plus the fact that I happened to know a Kenyan who worked that the Kenyan embassy in Washington, DC that my passport was found delayed in their embassy, It was sent it to me via FEDEX express after Jafred was able to find it. How important it is to develop relationships with many people. On both flights, I sat next to French speaking people, one who gambled on his computer all night.

When I arrived at Nairobi, Judith Nandikove and her husband picked me up and took me to their home that is right next to the airport. The whole family welcomed me with a delicious Kenyan meal and tea.

After catching up with Judith until past 1AM planning for the Sunday School Teachers Collaboration and for her return to Canada.  We then slept briefly before I returned to the airport. We could see the airport entrance, but the roundabouts and confusion in traffic. I was reminded of the New Hampshire phrase,  “you can’t get there from here”.

Flew to Kisumu and waited in the warm sunshine until Elizabeth and her mechanic/driver.

Alfred came to fetch me. Enroute to Kakamega, we bought some fresh papaya, mangoes, and avocados in Nyangori. What a joy to arrive back in Ebwambwa. Elizabeth had prepared for me a new room, and after unpacking, I slept early and soundly til morning.

Another blessing has been that I was able to get my phones up and working without having to change it. To reach me, you can call me at….. (Put a…in front if calling from USA).

Thanks for all your prayers and support.