Marian Baker

From board member Marian Baker: Ministry in East Africa 2018-2019

Marian Baker is a recorded minister in the Religious Society of Friends and a board member of the NH Council of Churches. Starting November 2018, she will be taking her annual mission and ministry journey to Africa. We will share her updates here as we hold her and her ministry partners in our prayers.

Greetings to all from cold, rainy New Hampshire.  This year, I will be returning to East Africa a little later than usual- arriving in Nairobi on the 20thof November.   I will leave Kenya on the 4th of February, arriving back in USA on the 5th.

We will continue the encouragement of women in Uganda and Tanzania as usual.

Two new things we plan to do are to take a journey with a couple women leaders of Tananzia YM USFW to visit the new meetings that are three days away, in Tanzania but on the border of Malawi. Those new churches started after reading about Quakers on the internet!

The other new thing is that Beth Collea and Melinda Wenner Bradley will be coming to Kenya in January to hold a Quaker Religious Education Collaborative at Friends Theological College in Kaimosi.  We are carefully selecting the twenty most currently active Sunday School teachers. to attend.  Beth and Melinda will introduce the Faith and Play, a Quaker version of the Godly Play Sunday School Curriculum. The Kenyans will be deciding ways to make the materials for the curriculum from what is available locally, choosing some of the important African Quakers whose stories need to be shared, and help in translation into Kiswahili.

Meanwhile, I am praying for peace during these violent times as the US elections are about to happen.  We need the Kenya Peace Teams in the States right now.

If any of you receiving this message do not want to get my messages from the field, please let me know.

With gratitude to God for the way various grants and other donations are slowly being sent in to enable us to travel back to be with our sisters and brothers in Christ in East Africa.