Hate Has No Home Here: A Word from NHCC

Dear Church,

Late last week the Council was notified about a list appearing online (primarily on twitter) of “woke” churches here in NH. This list complied churches by denomination, and explicitly noted both anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ inclusion commitments. It was clear the list was intended to target, or otherwise single out churches who practice these ethics on behalf of the Gospel.

The Council immediately notified judicatory leaders here in New Hampshire, and has been in conversation with others through the weekend. While there is no immediate cause for alarm, we have been appropriately concerned. Anytime churches and communities of faith are targeted, and listed in this way, it raises our level of alert. Acutely so in a time of rising hate and white supremacist activity across the state. This weekend alone hate group NSC-131 was seen again in Nashua targeting immigrant communities. These incidents do not happen in isolation.

NHCC explicitly condemns the use of “woke” in this case a racist dog whistle designed to incite white supremacist behavior, and activity. The language of racism, and anti-Blackness is not of God, and against the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our LGBTQ+ siblings are created in God’s image, and wholly loved. It is crucial we say loudly, clearly, and with one voice that hate has no home here in New Hampshire.

We continue to be in touch with leaders across the state, and others. We encourage you to be in touch with us if you see any uptick in hate speech, hate mail, or targeted harassment in the coming days.  Keep preaching with your whole chest that the divisions the world tries to throw at us are no match for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We remain grateful for each of our faith communities, and your essential ministry in your communities.


Rev. Heidi