Job Posting for Seafarer’s Friend chaplains

This is a job posting passed on by one of our denominational member bodies. This position is for a chaplaincy under Seafarer’s Friend and is not overseen by the NH Council of Churches.

Download the original job solicitation (DOCX).

Part Time Chaplains/Ship Visitors

Ports of Boston, MA-Portsmouth, NH-Portland, ME

About Seafarer’s Friend

Since 1827 the Boston Seaman’s Friend Society Dba Seafarer’s Friend has extended friendship and hospitality to seafarers by visiting aboard ships, welcoming and hosting them ashore, supplying them with cards so that they may contact with their loved ones, transportation to where they need to go and pastoral care. We are a Christian based ministry in the Chelsea area.  Our chaplains, who work the New England ports of Boston, MA, Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME, encourage seafarers to nurture their faith by making available bibles and support literature.  They provide chaplaincy, prayer and counseling for troubled seafarers. They advocate for the seafarers in situations where they are exposed to unsafe and unhealthy working and living conditions as well as unfair treatment.

Summary of Position

The position requires going aboard the ships to meet with the Captain and crews that dock in the ports we serve; initiating a friendly and open discussion to be able to help the seafarers feel welcomed at our shores; offering, to the best of our ability, any services they are in need of; spending time in conversation with the seafarers to make sure they are treated fairly and to give them hope in their lonely, isolated lives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visit ships and document activities
  • Assess the needs of individual seafarers and their families
  • Drive seafarers and visitors to the Center and local businesses
  • Refer emergencies to local authorities or mariner advocacy service providers
  • Conduct church services and special services
  • Plan and participate in local church outreach programs

Minimum Requirements

The successful candidate will have:

  • Ordination as a minister; advanced Clinical Pastoral Education, military, maritime or hospital chaplaincy experience preferred
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to build a good rapport with a wide variety of people
  • Excellent organizational skills and willingness and ability to be flexible
  • Ability to prioritize, work under pressure and meet strict goals and objectives
  • Ability to work independently, use own initiative and contribute as part of a team
  • Ability to board vessels in varied weather conditions and carry packages as needed
  • Valid driver’s license and possession of or ability to qualify for a Transportation Workers’ Identification Credential (TWIC) card


Will start with a per diem rate for training and initial ship visits. After a probation period, hourly pay will be negotiated based on hours of availability if a permanent position is desired by both parties.  We will consider any applicants in the area of the following ports.   Boston, MA, Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME.

Interested candidates should contact Ida MacRae at: or call 617-889-3222.