July 25: Racial Justice March in Manchester

Saturday, July 25, 2020, 6:00pm
Manchester District Court, 25 Amherst Street, Manchester, NH 03101

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The Greater Manchester Clergy Association (GMCA) is drawn from clergy/laity around the City of Manchester. As leaders of communities of faith and hope, we believe that it is imperative to bring a religious perspective to the national debate on race and justice. We mourn with African Americans, and we join with them in demanding change. We are inheritors of prophetic traditions that teach us not only “to let justice well up like water and righteousness as an unfailing stream” [Amos 5:24], but that we are ALL our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers, and we cannot stand idle while our neighbors bleed. We believe that each and every human being is created in the Divine Image, and all are deserving of respect. We cannot allow different treatment under law to continue for people of color. We share a moral call to pray and to act to bring about a world where each and every person can sit under his or her vine and fig-tree, in security, in comfort and in peace.

To transmit our concern for the spiritual well-being of our community and nation, we have joined with the NAACP, the MLK Coalition, and the GSOP to co-sponsor a march on Saturday, July 25, 2020, two months after the tragic murder of George Floyd, so that we may pray and act together. Please join us at 6 pm, in front of the Courthouse, 35 Amherst Street, to begin our circuit for justice. We will march:

  • from the Courthouse to City Hall (6:30);
  • to the Corner of Elm and Bridge (7 pm);
  • to Pulaski Park (7:30);
  • and then back to the Courthouse (8 pm)

If you have mobility issues, please feel free to go to a particular stop, you need not walk the entire route. We request that everyone wear a mask as a gesture of caring for each other.

Join us to pray with our feet, to learn from each other, and to share our hopes and prayers.

Join us to remember the lives lost, and heed the challenge that it is up to us to speak out and stand up for a nation where indeed all men and women, regardless of race or religion, skin color or sexual orientation, enjoy liberty and justice.

Join us to do justice, to love goodness, and to walk humbly with God.