NH Alliance

Manchester Pastors’ Meeting

This morning I attended the Manchester Pastors’ Meeting at New Testament Christian Fellowship. About twelve pastors from Manchester and Bedford came, prayed and discussed New Hampshire’s opioid crisis. One of their members, Mike, spoke about how this crisis is bringing the Body of Christ together and tearing down the walls of division between us.

The pastors and their congregations all report urgency in their desire to address the crisis. Since their previous meeting, they gathered a list of all of the faith-based recovery ministries in the Manchester area. It’s an impressive list of successful programs that are led by many faithful volunteers.

I offered to connect them to the ecumenical prison chaplaincy, run by the NH Council of Church’s Rev. Beth Richeson. I also hope to find the leaders in recovery ministries in our various denominations to help bring them to the table.

Never doubt that a group of motivated leaders can accomplish great things to bring God’s healing and wholeness to those in the grip of addiction.