National Council of Churches webinar on 2018 elections

September 4 at 8:00pm ET: What’s at stake in 2018?

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As the National Council of Churches works to end racism, the upcoming 2018 midterm elections provide an opportunity to curtail the systemic racism that is embedded in many of our local and state governments as well as in the federal government.

To do so, our congregations must become active in their communities to help increase voter turnout. Over the past 60 years, only about 40% of registered voters turn out for midterm elections.

Every other Tuesday beginning on September 4 until election day, NCC will present a webinar series to provide constituents with resources and tools to develop a non-partisan get-out-the-vote campaign that can make a measurable difference in their community. Topics will include organizing non-partisan candidate forums, understanding what congregations can and cannot do during elections, and strategies to improve local voter turnout. Attendees will be able to participate in the live webinars as well as have access to the playback following each recording.

To kick off the National Council of Church’s Community Engagement webinar series, Associate General Secretary Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Esq. will join LaKesha Womack for a conversation on what’s at stake during the 2018 midterm Elections. Understanding the critical issues to be considered during the upcoming election will help to frame our conversations with voters and to encourage them to cast ballots.