NH Faith Leaders Defending Democracy

Many NH faith leaders have been interested in serving as peace-keepers or trained de-escalators following the November 3 election. Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee offers these training sessions for anyone interested:

Tuesday, October 27, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm ET:   AFSC will lead an online de-escalation/bystander intervention training.  In this training, we will consider scenarios and teach skills in:
Staying calm when faced with tense situations, verbal altercations, or violence.
Intervening when folks are harassing those trying to vote.
Interrupting/de-escalating violence at protests and beyond.
Responding thoughtfully and creating safety in the face of armed attacks or violence.
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday:  Arnie Alpert and Barbara Peterson are leading three nonviolent action trainings this week, including one this afternoon.  Participation is limited to 50 people for each date.  Participants will explore/develop understandings of active nonviolence, talk about shifting the “pillars of support” from a Trump coup to what we want, do a short excercise about de-escalation, talk about guidelines and plans for NH actions. Register here:
Keep checking this online list of events and trainings organized by Rights and Democracy and other progressive groups.  Events include a rally at the State House on November 4, and rallies in several locations across the state on November 7.
Choose Democracy has added several more trainings/workshops for this week.  More information here.