Nov 12: National Donor Sabbath

On the cross, Jesus made the sacrifice of his body in order that we could have life. National Organ Donor Sabbath will be observed on Sunday, November 12. From the website

Why National Donor Sabbath?
Today, most faith communities are supportive of organ donation and the individual choices of its members. Many view donation as an act of compassion and generosity. Since people often turn to their faith leaders for help when dealing with life and death issues, National Donor Sabbath provides an opportunity for faith communities to share their views and join in the conversation.

How Can Your Faith Community Get Involved?
Faith communities and individuals wishing to plan National Donor Sabbath events can contact their local organ procurement organization (OPO) or Donate Life America (DLA) chapter for additional information and support. They can help you develop and implement strategies and identify speakers, such as a transplant recipient to share a personal story of getting a second chance at life.

Download brochures and resources.

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