Oct. 11: Moral Injury–Combat’s Deep Wound

Friday, October 11, 2019,8:30 AM – 3:30PM
Holiday Inn Downtown, 172 N. Main Street, Concord, NH

A seminar for Mental Health Professionals, Physicians, Nurses and Clergy

Moral Injury involves the emerging recognition that experiences which transgress our deep moral beliefs and expectations can cause painful psychological injury felt as a deep wound to the soul. Like a physical wound, a moral wound can be minor and passing, or severe enough to require professional attention. It is sharply different from post-traumatic stress disorder, the involuntary and inappropriate triggering of the fear-based ‘fight,flight, or freeze’ response. Both moral injury and PTSD can cause anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger and self-medication. However shame, guilt, loss of trust, loss of self-worth and hopelessness clearly mark moral injury, and demand dramatically different therapies.

In civilian life we may experience a twinge of moral regret. But those who serve in wartime are exposed constantly to morally perilous situations: seeing a close buddy injured or killed; killing another human being; being powerless to prevent needless violent death and destruction. The shame of failing to stop a suicide bomber who kills friends; the guilt of leaving family behind to deploy; and the loneliness, alienation and isolation of leaving loved combat buddies behind and returning to an uncaring civilian society.

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