Oct 19: Theodicy Jazz Collective

From Rev. Alice Courtright, Dean of Chapel at St. Paul’s School:

St. Paul’s School is hosting a wonderful group of theological artists this week called Theodicy Jazz Collective. These nine musicians come from all over the country, and hold a diverse group of church positions, including the Director of Howard University’s Gospel Choir and the Washington National Cathedral’s director for alternative liturgy.

Theodicy will be hosting an open workshop entitled “I Hear Freedom in the Air: Adding our Voices to Sacred Tradition” on Thursday morning from 10:20-11:10 in the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul on campus (the large central chapel), and we would love to have you and your community members join us! All ages are welcome. It will be a fun, powerful, and inspiring event.

For more information on the group, please visit their website: http://theodicyjazz.com/

For parking, please enter campus and park in the first lot on your right, or drive to the first stop sign, make a right and then another right at the dead end. The steeple should be visible from both locations, and you can then walk toward it.