Oct. 28: Webinar on Christian Witness in an Election Season

Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 7:00pm
This event will be held on Zoom.

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Worth Our Salt:
The Distinctive Flavor of Christian Witness in this Election Season

The What In God’s Name podcast hosts a panel conversation with:

  1. Jason Wells (NH Council of Churches)
  2. Willie Bodrick II (Sr. Pastor Elect, Twelfth Baptist Church, Roxbury, MA)
  3. Laura Everett (MA Council of Churches)
  4. Rob Hirschfeld (Episcopal Bishop of NH).

What are the limitations and opportunities for Christians engaging in public life, given that we live in a secular, pluralistic society like the United States?

Some Christians lament that they feel “politically homeless.” But shouldn’t we be?

Is it true that the primary challenges we face today in public life are spiritual, not theoretical or technocratic? How so?

Questions like these will propel our time together, and we look forward to spirited Q and A from you, our audience.

This webinar is part of a continuing monthly series “Wine With WIGN,” hosted by What In God’s Name: https://www.whatingods.com/