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The New Hampshire Council of Churches is made up of many denominations in the state. There are many things that our denominations cannot do alone, but they can be done when we convene the Body of Christ through the NH Council of Churches. Here are a few highlights of the past twelve months:

  1. Death Penalty Repeal: Twenty years ago, the Council first called together NH’s death penalty repeal leaders. This year, the faith witness was critical to the success of the final May 30 repeal vote. Because of your support, New Hampshire is no longer a state with the death penalty!
  2. Immigrant Solidarity: Right now the Council shares leadership organizing a second Solidarity Walk to the Dover jail, where immigrants slated for deportation are detained. The walk takes place August 21-24 and details are at
  3. Addiction Recovery: In our opioid crisis, the Council convenes and networks diverse recovery ministries and supports churches in taking their first steps in serving people with Substance Use Disorder.

The NH Council of Churches board took a bold step and hired a full-time executive director to lead this work. If you’d like to continue to see these kinds of ministries in New Hampshire, would you please make a donation to our 2019 operations?

In 2018 under $25,000 of our funding comes from denominations. That’s a small fraction of our budgeted expenses of more than $113,000 in 2019. The rest depends on congregations and individuals who know our world needs a Christian witness “for such a time as this.” Can you be one of them?

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Yours faithfully,





Rev. Jason Wells, Executive Director

A Word of Support from Barbara Keshen

Barbara Keshen, chair, NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

After years of determined effort the state of New Hampshire has repealed its death penalty! The NH Council of Churches has been with the abolition forces on every step of this journey. As a matter of fact the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty was initially formed as a task force of the Council twenty years ago, and the effort has been a true partnership of people motivated by their faith beliefs and social justice advocates.

I write this month to express my profound gratitude to the Council for its decades long dedication to the goal of repeal. You have made a real difference in New Hampshire and in our country at large.

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