Prayer Cycle 2022 from Acworth to Concord

In early 2022, NHCC transitioned our email, and some of our servers. A piece of that transition means that there were hiccups in some of our content, including regular posting of the Prayer Cycle on our website. We’re pleased to report that we will be back to our regular cycle.

In the interim, please find here a list of our prayer cycle (sent via email) since the beginning of 2022.


United Church of Acworth (ABC-UCC)
Alexandria United Methodist Church
Orchard Hill Quakers-Alstead
Third Congregational Church-Alstead
Community Church of Alton

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church-Amherst
Congregational Church of Amherst, UCC
Antrim Baptist Church
First Presbyterian Church of Antrim

Ashland Community Church
New Life Church of the White Mountains (ABC)-Ashland
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church-Ashland
Ashland United Methodist Church
Congregational Church-Atkinson

Longmeadow Congregational Church-Auburn
Bartlett Congregational Church UCC
Bath Congregational Church
Bedford Presbyterian Church

First Baptist Church-Belmont
First Baptist Church-Berlin
St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church-Berlin
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church-Berlin

Durell Memorial United Methodist Church-Bethlehem
Boscawen Congregational Church
Crossroads Community Church-Bow
Bow Mills United Methodist Church

Bradford Community Church
First Baptist Church-Brentwood
Pilgrim United Church of Christ-Brentwood

Bristol Baptist Church
Bristol United Church of Christ
Brookline Community Church
Campton Baptist Church
Canaan United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church-Candia
United Community Church-Canterbury
Concord Friends Meeting-Canterbury


The grass withers,
the flower fades;
but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8


Canterbury United Community Church
Congregational Church of North Barnstead
Center Conway United Methodist Church
Congregational Church-Center Harbor
Moultonville United Methodist Church-Center Ossipee
Community Church of Sandwich (ABC-UCC)

Third Baptist Church-Center Strafford

South Parish Unitarian Church-Charlestown
Congregational Church-Charlestown
Chatham Congregational Church
The Congregational Church of Chester (ABC-UCC)
Asbury United Methodist Church-Chesterfield
Chocorua Community Church

Union-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church-Clarement

Grace & Hope Community Church-Claremont
Grace River: A Life-Giving Church-Claremont
Trinity Episcopal Church-Claremont
Prince of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church-Claremont
First Congregational Church-Claremont

First United Methodist Church-Claremont
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Mission-Colebrook

Trinity United Methodist Church-Colebrook United Baptist Church-Concord
Grace Episcopal Church-Concord
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church-Concord
Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church-Concord
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church-Concord
Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord
East Congregational Church-Concord