Public Comment to the Board of Education

A huge thank you to ALL of our friends, faith leaders, and clergy who turned out from all over NH for a strong, powerful showing in support of public education, our teachers, students, and staff today.

If you were not able to attend, and/or would like to offer public comment to the board of education, we are including the details below on how to do so.

A few possible messages you might include:

-Voices of faith in NH stand for strong public schools, and with our teachers, staff, and students.

-Public education is a moral issue, and a sacred trust. Commissioner Edelblut should know that, and steward it accordingly.

-Strong public schools help build Beloved Community.

-All children in the state of NH have a sacred right to safe, adequate, and equitable education in NH.

-Our Scriptures tell us that we shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free. We want our teachers to be free to teach the truth, have difficult conversations that help students develop those skills, and for all students to feel safe and supported in the classroom.

You are also welcome to add your own. Help the Commissioner, and the BOE know that faith voices are watching, listening, and holding them accountable.

You may submit written public comment to Angela Adams at: