Addiction and Recovery

Upcoming Events

This page lists general resources and groups for use by New Hampshire churches. For upcoming events, training sessions, retreats and more, please click here for event listings.

Denominational Groups

  1. Episcopal Church of New Hampshire: Addiction and Recovery
  2. United Church of Christ, New Hampshire Conference: Opioid Crisis Mission Group

Caring Clergy

Caring Clergy After Overdose is an initiative that is designed to address an unmet need in New Hampshire. The hope is that we, as inter-faith leaders, are equipped to lead a funereal for one who has died in an overdose. Unfortunately, at such devastating times friends and/or family members may be hesitant to come to faith institutions. We understand this, so we are reaching out to you. We commit to be guided by compassion and hope to bring our gift for ritual, words of hope, and our presence for those who are suffering.

Good Samaritan Network (GSN)

The Good Samaritan Network is a partnership of churches belonging to the NH Council of Churches and the NH Alliance. The GSN desires to connect churches with recovery ministries outside their own networks and denominations, to train and equip leaders within churches and to connect churches and faith-based recovery programs with “The Doorway,” administered by the State of New Hampshire. Visit the Good Samaritan Network website.

Recovery Dinner Church

Recovery Dinner Church is an opportunity for worship with a shared meal and community. Dinner Church occurs on the first Saturdays monthly at 4:00pm at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 102 Main St., Manchester. Sponsored by Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church.


  1. Handbook for Healing Eucharists and Prayer Services for People with Addictions (Episcopal Church of New Hampshire)
  2. Christ-centered, spiritual and secular ministries and programs for addiction recovery (Good Samaritan Network)
  3. Worship resources for Overdose Awareness Sunday, August 26, 2018 (NH Council of Churches)