Support for Christians from NH Muslims following Sri Lanka

On April 26, the IQRA Islamic Society of Greater Concord sent this letter to many Christian communities following the April 21 terror attack in Sri Lanka. Because of its heartfelt character the NH Council of Churches is happy to share it widely.


On behalf of the Islamic Society Of Greater Concord 
We stand in solidarity with Sri Lankan Christians and convey our deepest sorrow and deepest sympathy . May God give comfort to their loved ones and may He bless the injured with a quick and lasting recovery. May Sri Lanka, a lush, green, beautiful country, follow New Zealand’s example by rising above hatred.
We Muslims and  people of faith must pray that God keeps all innocents safe and guide all oppressors to the path of peace and co-existence.
God  Almighty controls the world, we don’t. However, we have a responsibility to act and the freedom to speak up.
Imam Mustafa