The Conversations We Should Be Having on November 16th

Her: Tanisha Collings*, Co-Founder of Seacoast Black Lives Matter, Empowered Activist, and Community Leader
Him: Chief Elliot Moya, Elliot Police Department, Unassuming Leader, and Proponent of Community Policing

Together, they are engaging hard truths, staying in the room, and forging deeper connection while talking honestly about race and justice.

What lessons do they have for communities of faith, and congregations?
What does “unity” really mean?
How does coming from a place of empathy change the conversation?
What does Love require of those of us trying to do this work in our own faith communities?

This event will be hybrid!  Live stream will happen on North Church, Portsmouth’s Facebook page. No pre-registration required. We hope to see you there.

Our gratitude to the Rev. Jennifer Mazur, and North Church for their hospitality, and collaboration.

*Congratulations to Tanisha on her recent marriage!  Hence the change in last name since we made this graphic.