Tunbridge Church seeks new pastor

Today we learned that Tunbridge Church is seeking a new pastor. Many of our friends are interested in ecumenical ministry and Tunbridge Church represents an inter-denominational congregation that may interest you or someone you know:

The Tunbridge Church, an interdenominational church in Central Vermont near New Hampshire, has a pastor vacancy. We seek a part-time pastor as a spiritual leader and effective preacher who will bring new energy to our diverse congregation and its service as the town church.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the town’s Baptist, Congregational and Methodist churches forming The Tunbridge Church. We would love to celebrate it by welcoming a new pastor.

The Tunbridge Church Pastor Search Committee has put notice of our vacancy and access to our profile on the United Church of Christ website www.ucc.org/ucc_ministry_opportunities.

We ask potential candidates to respond through the national UCC site so that the Vermont Conference office can confirm that candidates are members in good standing with their denominations before they receive our profile and we begin interaction with them.

In hopes that you may know someone who seeks such a calling, thank you for your assistance in sharing notice of our position.


Kay Jorgensen
Pastor Search Committee member