Love Resists

Webinar on Mass Incarceration, Deportation, and Surveillance


The Unitarian Universalist program “Love Resists” offers a webinar with several speakers titled, “Love Resists Criminalization: Mass Incarceration, Deportation, and Surveillance Today.” From the website:

The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the entire world – and who ends up detained has a lot more to do with race, sexual orientation and gender identity, mental illness, immigration status, and poverty than what they are detained for. We see criminalization in action when undocumented immigrants receive felony criminal convictions for re-entering the country after deportation, when police officers have quotas to meet for a number of arrests and fines and go into communities of color to meet those quotas, and when Muslims nationally live under enhanced surveillance in the name of “counter-terrorism.”

While it’s a UU program, the subject matter is relevant to many churches and denominations.

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