Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

For over 100 years, Christians around the world have gathered together once a year to pray together across time and distance during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Unity does not mean uniformity of belief, thought, or doctrine, but instead a reminder that we are one in Christ.  This year’s theme is set by the Middle East Council of Churches:

“We saw the Star in the East, and have come to worship him.”  -Matthew 2:2

This expresses the Eastern Churches’ tradition of joining Epiphany to the mystery of the Baptism of Christ, a baptism all Christians hold in common as testimony to their faith in the Son of God, exhibiting solidarity with those who suffer.

You can find the materials provided by the World Council of Churches: https://www.oikoumene.org/sites/default/files/2021-04/WPCU_2022_Booklet_EN.pdf

We encourage you to join us in prayer and solidarity for all who suffer across the world this week. We give deep thanks for each of the denominations, and congregations who make up the Council of Churches.  It is our hope this week in some small way compels us all to look beyond the familiar for that is where Christ can often be found.

We invite you to continue to support the work of Christian witness and unity in New Hampshire here: https://connectedcampaign.dreamhosters.com