Job Posting for Women’s Prison chaplaincy

The NH Department of Corrections is hiring a full-time chaplain for the Correctional Facility for Women-Concord. In the past this role was served by Rev. Alice Roberts and Pastor Beth Richeson. If you believe that you have the gifts and calling for this ministry, please read the job description below. Then, follow the linked directions in order to apply online.

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 State of New Hampshire Job Posting
Department of Corrections
Division of Community Corrections
NH Correctional Facility for Women-Concord
Alternate schedule may be required based on needs of programs
Days Off: Sunday/Monday
LG 23

(An additional $1300.00 is paid for Hazard Duty which is not included in the salary noted above)

The State of New Hampshire, Department of Corrections has a full time vacancy for Position Chaplain II.

Direct, supervise and administer religious programs and services for the New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women.  Plan and evaluate religious programs for the moral and spiritual guidance of persons committed to the NH Department of Corrections; working in close and immediate contact with prisoners on a daily basis, having responsibility for security.


·         Administer and ensure the availability and quality of religious programming for inmates. Create and oversee program planning and implementation to ensure quality religious programming for inmates and develop religious education programming to offer inmates the opportunity to study religious issues and concerns.

·         Provide pastoral care and religious services to provide inmates opportunities to express their personal faith, participate in meaningful worship, and to offer inmates the opportunity to deal with personal religious issues.

·         Supervise and recruit religious volunteers and provide training to ensure institutional security, monitor religious opportunities for inmates and enhance volunteer safety. Provide supervision to inmate workers to facilitate communication and unity of purpose among those workers and religious volunteers in providing for and meeting religious needs of inmates.

·         Provide guidance and training to all staff at the facility to keep them informed of policy expectations and to help increase communication and unity for the purpose of providing increased understanding of different religious beliefs and practices. Also, coordinate with a variety of different departments within the facility to facilitate the coordination of religious events and providing other religious services while ensuring institutional safety and security.

·         Counsel families of resident/inmates and refer to community resources to help inmates and families deal with issues of incarceration.

·         Develop, maintain and offer guidance to community clergy and identify resources to enhance inmate’s transition from prison to church and community.

·         Provide support and guidance to the institution through serving on committees to maintain and improve institutional functioning to support religious needs of inmates and recommend changes to departmental policy as needed. 


Education:  Ordination as a Minister, Priest or Rabbi with a Master’s of divinity or equivalent from an accredited seminary and one year of clinical pastoral training. Each additional year of approved formal education maybe substituted for one year of required work experience.

Experience:  Four years’ experience as a Priest, Minister or Rabbi in a church of a recognized denomination.

License/Certification:  None required.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Successful completion of the Corrections Academy and continuing Certification as correctional line personnel as established by the certifying authority.

DISCLAIMER STATEMENT:  The supplemental job description lists typical examples of work and is not intended to include every job duty and responsibility specific to a position.  An employee may be required to perform other related duties not listed on the supplemental job description provided that such duties are characteristic of that classification.

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