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New Hampshire Council of Churches
November 19, 2015     Opening Prayer

Invitation to Pray
All: Merciful God, we confess
that so often in times like these
we do not know how to pray.
There is so much darkness in our world.
We ask that you be our Light.
(Lighting of the candle)
Reading           Luke 6: 27-38
Brief Period of Silent Reflection
We pray
for the victims of the attacks in Lebanon, France, Syria, for their family members, that you would be present to them in their grief. Bring healing and peace to these    countries, even as we struggle to comprehend the mystery of evil in our midst.
We pray that we would not be selective in our grief and outrage. Help us also to remember the 147 victims of the attacks at Garissa University in Kenya,  the more than 4 million people who have fled Syria due to civil war, the victims of countless other attacks in Africa and the Middle East, and the victims of racism and mass shootings in our own country.
We pray that your justice would be done.
In doing so, we also realize that we are implicated in the world’s violence. In our response to this  tragedy, we pray that we would not be controlled by fear and revenge.Other intentions…Closing Prayer
Father of Mercy, teach us to be your people who live in the hope of resurrection; people marked by patient, nonviolent love, faithful witnesses in the face of death. Help us to live in solidarity with all those around the world who are in need of support, including our Muslim brothers and sisters who share our dreams of a more just world. We commit this day to you, asking that you help us to observe the week beginning today as a week of peace, hope and gratitude. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving send us your Holy Spirit to strengthen our resolve to work for justice and to witness to peace, mercy and forgiveness. We ask all this through Jesus your Son who is our Brother and Lord. Amen.


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March 2015:  The New Hampshire Council of Churches continues to pray for an end to the violence in the Middle East and in particular laments the loss of those in the Coptic Orthodox Church, a member church of the National Council of Churches, and an ecumenical partner to us all. We share below the statement by the NCC on these tragic events.
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October 10: Former NH Attorney General Speaks out about the Death Penalty. Watch Philip T. McLaughlin’s talk.
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